Design Scetches
Design Sketches

CR Jewelry Design

Most of my designs are made from Argentium Silver! Argentium Silver is Sterling Silver which is tarnish resistant. Argentium is 93.5% pure silver, 3.5% Germanium and 3 % Copper. The Germanium is what makes the silver tarnish resistant.

Previously I was in direct sales with a popular Sterling silver company, and customers loved the product except for the fact that Sterling tarnished. I was aware of Argentium silver and that it is tarnish resistant, so I started metal classes for jewelry…and here I am today.

A lot has changed in my studio since I first started. I have a portable air conditioner to keep me cool in the summer!  My work bench is usually crowded with works in progress (I am a multi-tasker). A sketch pad and pencil are nearby to draw ideas and determine measurements for a new item.

My ideas come from pictures, architecture, television, and/or an item will just pop into my head. That’s when I grab my sketch pad (they’re all over the house) and quickly sketch a design. Sometimes a design will change during the process because I think of a different way to make the item. Or sometimes it develops into two items. I love what I do! 

My home studio is in the garage. My husband misses his work bench and asks where his “stuff” is. Can’t imagine why.

My work bench is usually messey and crowded with several items in different stages of development.  And I have a solder bench nearby.