Most of the time ideas just come. It can be a spin off from a previous design, architecture, or a current trend. It can be from anything. That’s why I keep a sketch pad around. Or at least scrap paper in my purse!

Using my stature as a guide I draw the item to scale. I try to keep a variety of sizes so I will have something for everyone. The metal I use most is Argentium because it is tarnish resistant. 

The necklace to the righ is a favorite design and a good representation of the work that goes into finishing a piece. Once drawn to scale, on the left, the wire was cut and laid on the drawing. Then I placed all the cut wire on a solder brick and started soldering. Love this piece!

Solder holds it all together, like the glue used to build a plastic model. Rivets are a favorite too! Rivets are put through the metal and hammered on the top and bottom. This holds the metal together without solder.